About Us

Who are we ?

At SAKRE Tours, we are passionate about culture, religion and history. This passion has grown through the years thanks to different encounters with considerate souls.  They trusted us and we guide them through an extraordinary spiritual and cultural journeys.

We invite you to make a sacred experience through its inhabitants, its religious sites and cultures.

Browse through to  discover our packages and get prepared for your next spiritual and cultural tours with SAKRE Tours.



Our vision and mission

The vision and mission of SAKRE Tours are to make you live an exceptional and profound experience in Mauritius. There you will have the privilege to connect yourself spiritually while appreciating the unique history of our island.

In this exceptional adventure, our wish is to make you

Feel joy, peace and love…

Pray your own way on our island…

.. and Celebrate in the Mauritian way.


The following pilgrimage and cultural tours are available at SAKRE Tours:

  • Banane in Moris
  • Meeting the Blessed Father Laval
  • “40hrs dan Karem” – Catholic Lent journey
  • Multicultural tours    

All our pilgrimage & cultural tours packages include transport, access site fee (if any), guide service and food and beverages for lunch.   

For airport transfer and hotel accommodation, please contact us for the price.


Mauritius is found in the Indian Ocean It forms part of Mascarene Islands, which comprises of Mauritius, Reunion Island and Rodrigues Island.

Its maximum length is 65 km and width is 45 km. Mauritius consists of two other small islands, Rodrigues and Agalega & St Brandon.

Population diversity: There are around 1.3 million inhabitants on the country. Mauritius is a multicultural island where the people of different cultures live in harmony.

Seasons: There are two seasons in Mauritius. Summer starts in November and ends in April. During that season the temperature varies between 25 to 33 degrees Celcius. It is during this season that we have most rain and cyclones.

Winter is from May to October. The temperature during this period varies between 15 and 2 degrees Celcius.  

Languages: Mauritian Kreol language is widely spoken amongs Mauritian and part of the population also speaks Bhojpuri. International languages such as French and English are widely use in the country.